Google Share Devices

Why Google?

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Google is a powerful platform for making your online life simple. Do you have a computer at home? Is it an Apple/Mac? Do you own a SmartPhone or IPhone? Wait you might have a tablet too! Or better yet, maybe you have a Smart TV or Apple TV?

Why Not Google is our question?

Google is the best choice!

No problem you can get your email on any device, look at your calendar, and share your images everywhere right? Let NQTC provide you with the computer training you need to understand the software and the programs to do what you want.

Google will do this and so much more for FREE!

Don’t you hate not having access to everything you have on your home computer? You do not need to pay for any additional storage, or purchase any other equipment or program. Have a calendar that shares across all devices up to the minute! We will support your software needs and all your training needs.

Share across all devices easily!

Ok, you are not a Google fan, we get it,  no problem!  We can still help to find the platform that accommodates your needs for sharing across all devices and your computers. From Apple, to Samsung and everything in between.

Drop us a line to find out more!


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