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Which Hosting Product is Right for You?

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Deciding What’s Right for You

At this point, you should have at least a basic understanding of the key differences between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. But how do you know which is ideal for your website?

Shared hosting is usually your best bet if:

  • You’re new to running a website
  • You don’t plan on having a high volume of traffic (at least, not initially)
  • You lack technical knowledge and expertise
  • You’re working with a limited budget

Imagine you’re someone who’s looking to launch a personal blog or portfolio. You’ll likely only have a minimal amount of traffic, and you won’t need to undertake extensive server customizations to support this kind of site. You’re probably also better off having your provider handle the nuts and bolts when it comes to technical matters and security.

Going this route is great for getting your feet wet and learning how the process of web hosting works. Your hosting provider will handle most of the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on building and growing your website. If the need arises for dedicated hosting later on, you can always work with your host to make the upgrade.

On the other hand, dedicated hosting might be your best option if:

  • You plan on receiving a high volume of traffic right from the beginning or in the near future
  • You want a high level of control over your server
  • You possess the technical know-how to effectively manage a server and want maximum flexibility
  • Security is a major concern
  • You have a sizable budget and don’t mind spending considerably more

Imagine you’re a mid-sized business that’ll be selling products or services directly from your site. You already have an established audience, which is likely to result in a large amount of traffic right from the get-go (requiring the bandwidth of a dedicated server).

Performance and security are likely incredibly important to you as well. You may have someone on your team with the technical skills needed to effectively manage a dedicated server already – and if your company is successful, you probably won’t mind paying extra for the overarching benefits you’ll receive.

As you can see, there’s no right or wrong answer here. Choosing between shared and dedicated hosting is a decision you’ll need to make before launching your site.  But while there are several factors in play, your decision should ultimately come down to your site’s performance needs, your security requirements, your technical knowledge and your budget.

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