Two Big Reason for Choosing Siteground

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Save yourself, no more chest pains and save lots of time! 


If you own a website, the thought of moving your site, makes you have instant chest pains! I know, because I took it for over 8 years from my last host! Long waits with customer service, to the website, crashing all the time or not running properly.   It was an awful experience, however, I felt like I was stuck, as the thought of moving 5 sites was overwhelming, so I took the poor hosting services for over 8 years!  Ignore me, if you like, however, if you want something better for your business or your personal blog, then hear me out. 

If I have your interest, for the sake of time, and explaining all the great reasons for switching to  Siteground, here are 2-BIG Reasons! 


Most hosts do not provide staging, thus you would need to build your own, a developer which can be costly.  Why would I want a staged site? This is basically 2-sites, one site is where everything is installed, tweaked, changed and fixed. If it all works well there, it is pushed to the live site! Walla! No downtime for a live site, smooth seamless updates, fixes, or any other changes without risking unhappiness to a customers experience while on your site. Or even better, no ugly signs of construction! Online customers are easily spooked today, especially if they are not informed of the internet and how things work.  

Siteground and their awesomeness have made website staging simple! 

This, my friends, is big!

No more “SORRY WE ARE UNDER CONSTRUCTION”, or, a site that just has all types of errors, bad links, misspelled words, etc…. 

The 2nd Best Reason to switch!

Free backup and Restore! 

Backing up is one thing, however, restoring is where it can become complicated! Sure many host back-up your website, while most will also charge for backing up your site. Restoring is the challenge and most host will charge for this, or you will need to hire a developer. 

In this case, it is FREE to all Siteground users!


Folks this is a deal and a steal! If you are ready to make a change, follow here to learn more! 

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As an affiliate with Siteground, I make a small commission for those who sign up with Siteground. There is no cost to you for my lead to Siteground. I appreciate you taking the time to hear me out. 

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