Stop the Rate Race, Work On Line!

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Are you tired of the daily drudge to an office? Rush hour traffic, 1-2-3 hours traveling to and from work? Maybe you want to plan your semi-retirement? Maybe you want to move, find a new place to live, but you are afraid you can’t find a job. 


Stop the madness! Go For it! Plan it! 

Leaving corporate America in 2010,  I have never looked back!  FreeLance, Contract Work and employed with benefits, all online!  Now,  preparing for my semi-retirement, looking to move to a new, sunny place!  

In the beginning, learning how to build websites was a goal of mine. The more I investigated, there was opportunity everywhere, to learn for free.  Ultimately adding social network development to my skill sets led me to additional paid work.  Online there are many organizations to connect with to find work.  Outsource is an organization which brings client and freelance together.  They basically provided the sales lead, connecting developers to  Businesses, or individuals, looking to begin projects. 

This has its ups and downs, pros and cons. Like everything else, there are scammers here too! 🙁 

If you have lots of experience, it’s is easy to navigate and bid on projects. You quickly learn what is real and what is not.  If you are new, the most difficult part is to figure out how to bid to win. One hurdle is bidding against others who do not live in the US. Most the time they are highly qualified, however, many times they are not. Most often their bid will not include everything necessary for the project, yet they will present as they are providing everything the project requires. Their bids will often be  50% less for the bid process.  Let me just say, you have to do your homework, and you will want to do your best to educate the client on the full need.  Don’t be afraid to be truthful,  give them the long-term range quote for each additional project that lies ahead when starting a project. 

Today it is very different for those who want to work online!  Many more organizations are now providing ways for businesses to meet job seekers with ease. 


This is a fantastic way to change your life! 

This is why I am introducing you to Rat Race Rebellion!

I discovered  Rat Race Rebellion about a year ago. I continue to be impressed with the online opportunities they are sharing!  For myself, it is planning retirement and taking on something that is not stressful, and something that will keep my mind busy, while I have flexibility.  With the growth of the online business, many opportunities are a customer service support type of position. This means you do not need to be a computer wiz! Of course, you want good working computers, good headphones, and an absolute good internet connection. 

That’s basically it!

You could easily be on your way to earning a great side income, or possibly even a main income. For me, it’s about retirement, providing the extra income and the ability to continue keeping my mind busy, exercising.  Who needs to sit in a dangerous rush hour commutes? Not me….

Want to learn how? Now it’s easier than ever with the Rat Race Rebellion to find online work opportunities.  

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