Fax From Your PC or Mac!

Still faxing documents….

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There are times you still need to fax a document, or recieve a document via fax. 


Do you still drive to the UPS or FEDEX store?  Or maybe you have a fax machine in your home or business office?


Just another machine to worry about!  

Stop the crazyness! PamFax in your computer or smartphone!

I’ve used  Pam Fax for years! Love how simple it is! If you have a document,  scan in to your computer with our printer/scanner. If you don’t have a scanner, simply take a picture with your phone! Open Pam Fax on your desktop, or open in your phone app. Follow 1,2,3 steps and send! 

Want to accept a fax directly into your computer?!

Accept a fax directly into your computer,  Easy Peezy!    Purchase a fax number to enjoy receiving your faxed documents into your pc!  To purchase your fax number, the fee is $30 per quarter.  

Follow this link to get our first fax free! Send Free Fax

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