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My Computer Can do that?!

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How much computer training have you really had? Did you know your computer can hear you and you can tell it what to do? If you didn’t know you computer can do that, you need training! NQTC trains all ages!

Anyone Can Learn the Computer

A small amount of training can save hours of frustration for most.  Here is a list of some of  things your computer can do:

  • Listen and talk to you
  • Adjust for the visually impaired
  • Automatic Key Strokes by command
  • Recognize the user to personalize the experience

These are just a few of the tools that your computer already offers, which can be life changing for many.

Now you actually want to use it, but what are your needs really?

  • Do you really need Microsoft word?
  • Are there free programs?
  • Can I share with my other devices?

Yes your computer can do all that and so much more! With NQTC you can have personal computer training in the comfort of own your home, or on-line using remote log in. The teacher  connects via a remote connection and trains with you live.

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