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My Browser Does What?

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Does What?

If there is one thing you need to know about your computer, that is your BROWSER. It’s the door way to the world and lot’s of wonderful information and fun things to purchase.

Learn how to manage so you can protect your computer.

Spamming software is a real pain for our browsers. How often have you opened your browser to discover something has changed. You no longer have the same search engine in place, like Google, or Yahoo. Strange things are coming up on your screen and you do not know why.

It is a great tool to help us to go to the internet, however you need to learn the steps to keeping it safe. Establish good habits and your computer will continue to work well for years to come.

  • Clear History
  • Clear Images
  • Manage Your bookmarks

Not everyone uses the same one, however  we all  know that “Internet Explorer” has the worst reputation these days. Chrome has become a favorite of the public as well as Firefox. Of course those of you who are using a Mac, are a custom to Safari. Either way, you will want to understand and know how to manage the one you use.

More to come!


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