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How Does WordPress Work, the simple answer…

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I want to provide and easy explanation of  how a WordPress  website works. Many of my clients ask, and for the sake of conversation and not to confuse, I thought it would be best to provide a simple clear explanation, without going to deep. I am told, I have a habit of sharing too much about the technology, sometimes it is confusing. I find it exciting, and it is hard not to go on and on. 🙂 I will do my best to keep it  short and uncomplicated.  

There are several really good explanations, however, I have never come across anything that keeps the explanation simple.  Simple is important in most cases when working with clients.  My clients don’t really care about  the nuts and bolts so to speak, they just need a good enough understanding, so they can provide the content and the subject matter in some type of order.  The goal is to make the site as navigation friendly as possible, so the visitor/viewer will enjoy the experience and  get what they came for easily.  This is a broad term, however, it is the basic answer.  

WordPress is a content management system, holding all your content, which includes;  words, documents,  images, links, and  products if you are a storefront.  WordPress allows you to begin with one page, with the option to add as many more as you like. As the site grows the post are dated helping search engines  believe your content  is relevent, and up to date, helping your site to become more searchable. The initial small site can scale to a larger site fairly easy. All of which is dependent on your business goals and your budget. 

  Finding the information quickly and accurately is important to the viewer/visitor. How the database is developed is important to how the information is found. This is where WordPress offers several ways to navigate a site so the viewer/visitor can find the information easily.  Think of a schematic and how it flows, it’s the same way for a Website.  As for hosting your website, I work with Siteground now. I was with another hosting company, Blue Host, when I became dissatisfied, with their lack of support services. After 10 years with them, I finally made the decision to move my sites. This is when I discovered Siteground. I have now have had all my sites and my customer sites  now for almost a year, and it has been a great experience. 

  Again this is the  simplest  explanation I can come up with, hope I have not over complicated…

Let’s dig in a little further…

Navigating a website with ease is a big deal! If it isn’t easy, your visitor will be confused and most likely leave the site. They might be looking for specific information, and they won’t see anything close to what they want, or they may only know how to use one style of navigation. Some will go straight to a site map, and others will go straight to TAGS. Most will go straight to a navigation bar/menu. If they are on their smart phone, can they see the navigation bar? Do you need two navigation bars? These questions are some of the most important parts of a website.  

Navigation Examples

Menu, Categories, Tags, Archives, Post, Pages, Images, Site Map

 Part II-What is branding?

Stay tuned for Part II, The easy explanation to website development. 





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