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NQ Technology will easily prepare your development plan for  interfacing with the newest TEXTING Platform, Zingle! 


 At NQ you will get the necessary guidance to make the right decision for your business and your plans for growth. Making the right decision to minimize your cost for growth while adding technology. 



About Zingle

The idea behind Zingle was conceived by its founder, Ford Blakely. He was tired of waiting in long lines every morning at his local coffee shop for his “single shot, soy mocha, 2 pumps, no whip”. An avid texter, Ford couldn’t believe businesses did not have a way to receive text messages. Ford bought a cell phone for the coffee shop to keep by the register so he could text his order in each morning. The idea quickly caught on and out-grew the capability of a cell phone.

He thought, if he saves 15 minutes each morning by texting in his order, then more businesses could benefit from texting & messaging software. Working with operators, Ford then created Zingle, a business text solution that allows customers to text a business (or automatically print the text request on our patented text printer) and responds to customers with a confirmation, while also keeping a log of all recent requests and conversations.

Zingle is a texting & messaging software solution that helps businesses communicate with customers, growing revenue & improving customer satisfaction.

Zingle is a company & software that allows businesses to engage, support and respond to customers in the new mobile messaging era. Zingle’s real-time enterprise platform works on any device and provides all the software tools to deliver an instant, actionable and seamless customer service experience.

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