NQTC Webmaster Services,  Installation, Development, Management, NQTC will handle all your website management tasks, including security.  Are you tired of  the high cost to manage your  websites and  security?

Often times as a small company, you don’t really need a full “IT” staff. You do however need someone to be close for those emergencies. NQTC is a small female owned company, providing one-on-one attention to your needs and the goals of your business. It’s difficult for some to communicate with  website host in order to diagnose problems and this is where NQTC makes it easy.


Professional, Quality

We work solely with Siteground and feel secure with their customer support. CPanel management is part of good website management along with security. For most  businesses, it’s a critical situation if your website goes down and your customers can’t find you. Difficult navigation also increases the drop off rate for websites, along with broken links or (404) error codes.  Partnering with NQTC and  Siteground provides your business with a team, to give you peace of mind.

What are Webmaster Services?

  • Security Updates and Patches need to be managed, weekly
  • Up to date postings, comments and shares
  • Installing, Upgrading, Managing the C-panel
  • Adding or Removing Website Capabilities
  • Membership Management
  • CPanel Management
  • Shopping Cart / E-Commerce
  • Product Management

Where do you start?

First, you want to secure your hosting, follow the link below to sign up for your hosting package with Siteground now. If you are not sure of what type of hosting package you need, send a message and we will respond as soon as possible to answer any of your questions so you can choose the correct hosting package.  

Web Hosting