Computer Training for all ages


NQTC Patience and understanding are the first skills a computer trainer needs to  help others learn.  The ability to explain important details without boring the student is critical to successful learning. Keeping it fun and enjoyable is also the best way to learn  new technology.

Train in the privacy of your own home. Beth will log into your computer and begin your individual class. Watch her do the task, then you do the task. One-on-One, hand-to-hand simple and easy training. NQTC uses FREE tools like Team Viewer, Skype, Google Hangouts and other tools to provide a simple way to connect.  Beth will guide you through the easy installation on any of these products to provide an easy connection for one on one training.

With NQTC as your computer trainer, you can trust this is what your experience will be.  Beth offers over  25 years experience  training people to learn technology. Beth has also been a fitness instructor for over 30 years,  training and motivating over 1000 people during her career. Beth knows how to motivate and inspire others to want to learn.

Training is flexible with NQTC. You can purchase hourly packages and break them down into (30) minutes sessions. You can purchase a subscription service, that offers month to month support for all your computer training needs.

Stop feeling frustrated, start learning and helping your brain to stay fresh and active. Learn more about how learning your computer helps your brain at NQ Wellness Consulting

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