NQTC Many nonprofits are in need of donor management systems, or software platforms that manage the entire organization from one department or another. Currently NQTC offers support for the NEON Donor Management Systems.

  • Set up e-commerce
  • Develop donor management platform
  • Customize donation processes
  • Develop Volunteer platform
  • Develop Social Platform for both in-house and public social networks

Already own software and need more training?

This is one of the biggest problems for NFP’s today. Staff turnover challenges the organization for keeping  in-house  expertise in order to manage and maintain all business rules among the technology platforms.   Not understanding the software platform increases the overhead cost for employees, due to the lack of training or understanding what the organization’s business rules are for donor management, or accounting practices.  This lack of skills  ultimately will cause a negative impact for fundraising or raising awareness for the organization. This can lead to non-compliant practices.

We didn't learn the system properly




Can Bulk Mail Help? Is it difficult and costly?


NQTC offers a certified postal consultant for your bulk mail questions. Is it worth the effort, or not? Will it cost more or less if we were to do more mailings? Is it labor intensive? Any questions can be answered, while we can also clearly help you understand if an investment is worth it or not. We can make recommendations for software and hardware to suit your needs.

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