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NQTC  Is your computer running  slow? Do you want it fixed? Is your browser different from what it used to be?

What’s a browser?

No problem, NQTC  is here for all your computer support needs.  NQTC will provide full or part-time support for all your computer needs.
Our computer support services are designed to keep you computer working day after day. Today more than ever, Microsoft, and many other software companies are desperately working to stay ahead of the internet hackers, and spammers. It’s a full-time business to stay safe!

This means your computer is receiving updates weekly to keep your computer and your software safe. Do you know which updates to accept? Many people are afraid to take on the updates and they are ignored, only leaving the computer more vulnerable to hackers and to spam.

With NQTC you have the option to divide your purchased time, to use as on-going services, ensuring your computer will work every-time you want to use it.  Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that NQTC will keep your computer updated and safe.

Computer Support Services


Business Support Services

Are you a business?

Do you own a business and need help managing your computers or software systems? NQTC will support all these needs and many more with your in-house systems.

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