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Browser Cookies, What?

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B rowsers & Cookies

Many problems arise from our browsers, which often they go without being fixed. Most do not uderstand the importance of our browsers. I will share with everyone what you need to do with your browser on a weekly basis, possibly more if you are on line often.

What is the browser? Why do we need to clear our browsers?  The door to the internet from your computer or your device is the browser.  It’s great to go outside for a walk, but you don’t really want anyone to follow you home. Well this is exactly what is happening with those  “cookies”  your are hearing about.

They are designed to follow your behaviors and  open a conversation in the way of “Advertisement”.

Are they all bad?

Not really, let’s say you like shopping on Amazon to look at products or to make purchases. Once Amazon leaves a few cookies in your device, they will know how to target your needs based on the product you were searching. Is this really bad? I do not think so,  if I am looking for something I would love to have it appear in front of me. It makes my life much easier.

What would be the negative side to these cookies? 

Sites you visited accidentally or intentionally, that could be fake sites, set up to attract people in one way or another. Or let’s say you are on a site and their is a pesty pop up interfering with your focus and you accidentally click on it. “Spammers” (internet predictors) are working to gather up data, your data and any data they can get a hold of. Not always for bad, typically to sell to marketing agencies so advertisements can get to you. On rare occasions (compared to the shear numbers of people on line) they will be able to steal your information.


When you sign up for a monthly membership with NQTC, your browser will be kept clean and free of cookies and other pieces of coding that will interfere with your internet experiences.

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