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Remote Computer Services

Session Times

Thank you for purchasing your remote support services with NQTC. Your business is greatly appreciated! Next Step Make sure you have an internet connection Please move your mouse cursor to the bottom right corner of your computer desktop, and place the cursor over the small icon with lines. Normally next to your speaker icon. Once […]

NQ Technology Sample Site

NQ Technology Consulting

Sample our WordPress Site!       NQ Technology Consulting offers a sample WordPress site displaying all type of tools  to help your organization engage with your customers.  In today’s market it’s all about driving customers to your site, and connecting with them through conversation. Social connections, engagement, reviews, likes and dislikes. Our sample site is […]

My Computer Can do that?!

Computer Training

How much computer training have you really had? Did you know your computer can hear you and you can tell it what to do? If you didn’t know you computer can do that, you need training! NQTC trains all ages! A small amount of training can save hours of frustration for most.  Here is a […]

Why Google?

Google Share Devices

Google is a powerful platform for making your online life simple. Do you have a computer at home? Is it an Apple/Mac? Do you own a SmartPhone or IPhone? Wait you might have a tablet too! Or better yet, maybe you have a Smart TV or Apple TV? Why Not Google is our question? No […]

Browser Cookies, What?

Browser Cookies

B rowsers & Cookies Many problems arise from our browsers, which often they go without being fixed. Most do not uderstand the importance of our browsers. I will share with everyone what you need to do with your browser on a weekly basis, possibly more if you are on line often. What is the browser? […]

My Browser Does What?

Your Browser

Browser     Does What? If there is one thing you need to know about your computer, that is your BROWSER. It’s the door way to the world and lot’s of wonderful information and fun things to purchase. Learn how to manage so you can protect your computer. Spamming software is a real pain for […]