Are you afraid to move your website? Leave your Host?

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Don’t be!


That is all I can say! Spending over 9 years with a website hosting company is unheard of these days. For myself, and my company,  I am a loyal customer, and I am a loyal business owner, so I would have stayed with the same host………


Sadly, businesses today don’t care about their customers  like yesterday.  Somewhere in the early 2000’s maybe even the 90’s,  customer service took a rapid decline; call centers we sent to other countries to reduce cost and cut the US workforce.  Companies moved their customer service departments into small offices, or the introduced telecommuting. (another name for working from home) After spending over 25 years in technology, and 18 years on the customer service side, we cared about our customers, or let’s say I cared about my customers.  We offered customer care and customer service in every moment of our day.  Looking back, I can honestly say, at most, I may have had 3-4 customers that you could not make happy.  Unfortunately, this would typically happen because a sales rep over sold or under sold the client and their needs.

My geographical  territory alone had over 1000 customers.  I took pride in my work and keeping my customers happy.  For those who were not happy, it was usually because they were over sold  or under sold for their needs.  Once the relationship starts off on the wrong foot in sales, it will bleed off into the service relationship in a negative way every time.

I’m bringing this up now due to my recent negative experiences with my former host,  Bluehost out of Colorado. I must admit I had never really shopped out hosting.  When I started  building websites, (2009) I found a Bluehost ad and I signed up.  After that I began developing websites I became an affiliate and started to bring them new customers.

At that time, and for all I knew, they worked well. Flash forward to now, I can see so many negatives moments  that I dealt with for all those years.  Long waits for customer service, lack of follow-up, sitting on hold sometimes for hours to chat with a service support tech. For myself like many others, we dread the burden of leaving our host, and moving our sites.  It just seems like a hassle not worth getting into.  This is why we stay so long and continue to take all levels of poor  customer service, lack of technology, and  lack of overall support.  What do I mean by this?

To keep it simple, the following experiences have been very nice sith Siteground

  • When I cam to purchase my hosting with them, they moved every one of my sites, no extra charge
  • The moves were completed in 48 hours
  • They provide instruction for how to ensure my domains were moved properly
  • They provided the security and malware cleaning for all my sites, however, only charging for one site

This was the fist experience. Now that I am working on my sites and checking them all out, they are running and loading twice as fast as they were with Bluehost and their less than superior services.

Today it is easier than ever to move your websites and stop paying for poor hosting. There is more to come on this subject! If you are interested in switching to Siteground, follow this link to start saving and getting better service.   Siteground

If you would like assistants moving your WordPress Sites, we can easily provide a quote for our services.


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